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Baile de la vida
Bajo el mismo cielo
Bebé troll
Madre tierra
De Madrid al cielo
Un susurro
Noche polar
Permiso de sentir
Dare to be kind
The power of trust
The glacier is melting
Freedom of mind
Tell me about love
Inner child
If I want change, I change
If I thought about my life this way
Dare to be kind
Supporting each other
The power of consciousness
When everything is ready
Yellow me
Just a moment
I just don’t know
The power of trust

Would you like to order a piece of art for yourself or as a gift for someone? Do you have an idea of it in your mind, an image or a feeling?

I will paint it for you. You can decide the size, the colours, the content of the art as well as the feeling of it. I have often had orders for art which contains some forward driving emotional force, a beautiful memory, hope or something which reminds you of it every day and so guides your emotions to see that strength.

I have also painted many portraits and the beautiful naked body of humans.

I work with charcoal as well, especially popular for portraits.

The art can be a part of your coaching journey, in which the knots of life are unravelled through solution-focused coaching, finding keys and setting goals. Finally I paint those progress oriented goals, the emotions they arise into reminders every day, of  your own strength and direction

Minna Pietarinen

Sinako’s artist