Looking for that missing piece of yourself?

We will help you get in touch with your true authentic self, as well as your direction forward, through the power of positive psychology.

As solution-focused coaches, we walk by your side. We listen and ask questions. We trust that all the answers and the wisdom are within you.

Coaching is about mapping out your current situation and setting  goals to move forward purposefully, towards your dreams, based on the insights found within yourself…


Who am I, where am I going, where is the world going?

Interaction-art for young people to search, find and stengthen the self-image, direction in life and trust in oneself, the world and the future, through creative coaching.

Because I have the permission to be me, exactly how I am, and I am good enough. The best version of myself. That is when I am good to myself and to the world.

Elderly people

Do the residents in your nursing home miss the joy of creativity and new ways to express their feelings?

The fragile, most beautiful hands which have seen life. The stories of a lived life, which form onto paper by shaking brush strokes.  The smile, the joy, I did this, my own hands painted, what a beautiful colour, I can, I am able, I dare, I am a real artist. Although I barely hear, I can hardly see, I cannot walk, my thoughts no longer form into words. My hands no longer knit, but I can paint…

Other groups

Would you like your group to experience the joy and power of creative coaching?

Whether you have a group of friends, a football team or an NGO, creative coaching both strengthens and unites your team. Interaction-art is art which improves your interaction skills and empowers both individuals and the team…