Elderly people

Do the residents in your nursing home miss the joy of creativity and new ways to express their feelings?

The fragile, most beautiful hands which have seen life. The stories of a lived life, which form onto paper by shaking brush strokes.  The smile, the joy, I did this, my own hands painted, what a beautiful colour, I can, I am able, I dare, I am a real artist. Although I barely hear, I can hardly see, I cannot walk, my thoughts no longer form into words. My hands no longer knit, but I can paint.

“This is going to be a house, the roof, walls, the floor and a small window. It is hard to paint as it is so small. A chimney, from which smoke is flowing out. Yes, because we were baking sourdough and Karelian pies.”

A quiet look into the distance. 

“The house is in Estonia. There are appletrees in the garden, flowers. And scissors.”

Stories of a lived life, shaped into words through paintings. The memories with smiles and glances far into the distance. The feelings, for which there are no longer words taking shape as colours.

We create interacion-art with the elderly. For it to be as easy as possible we wet the papers beforehand and we use non-toxic Stockmar-branded liquid aquarelle colours, which are completely natural.  

To experience interaction with oneself, the world and others, it is interaction-art.