Values into action

Do you wish that your business values were more visible in your teams daily actions?

Together with the whole team, we dive deep into the meaning of your business values. We study the company’s forward-looking values on an emotional level and find out how they appear in different roles in our day-to-day work. This clarifies the shared vision, the  understanding within the team grows, and the interaction improves, building a happier and more successful team.

The process is designed to help each member of the team to adopt the business values as their own and easily incorporate them into their own role, and as such support the whole team in its journey forward as a strong and close unit. Together we remove the jargon from the whole concept of business values and we give them the the meaning they deserve, even in the small day-to-day actions.

As part of the coaching, Minna and Peppi use creative tools to delve into the meaning of having a set of values. The end result of this creative process is not only the clarified thoughts, feelings and actions of each team member, but also the aligned direction of the whole team.

As an option, you may also order an empowering piece of art of your business values, pained by Sinako’s talented artist Minna Pietarinen. She will visualize the essence of these values and the feelings that arise during the coaching, into a beautiful painting. 

In a visible place, both online and offline, it works as a daily reminder for the whole team and it awakes energizing emotional memories, which will positively motivate the team towards the future goals of the business.

Duration: 3h

Price: Starting at 1500e alv. 0e

Duration: 1-2 days

Price: Starting at 2800e alv. 0e