Team coaching

Resilience creatively

Would you like to strengthen your team in the midst of change?

As situations and circumstances change, teams  require the ability to adapt, evolve, and remain functional. Developing the ability to change also helps the team to bounce back. It improves the recovery from crises and the ability to turn adversity into reinforced learnings by facing emotions conciously…

Values into action

Do you wish that your business values were more visible in your teams daily actions?

 Together with the whole team, we dive deep into the meaning of your business’ core values. We study the company’s forward-looking values ​​on an emotional level and find out how they appear in different roles in our day-to-day work. This clarifies the shared vision, the  understanding within the team grows, and the interaction improves, building a happier and more successful team…

Sinako’s heart beats for the success of your business, which is why we wanted to bake the building blocks of functioning teams into playful creative coaching. We added a splash of positive forward-driving energy, a lot of joy as the sugar, as the base we used genuine feelings which arise from trust, and finally we painted it in a warm atmosphereof, where hope is the progressive force.

With the power of interaction-art, the number of sick days can be reduced and creative productivity grow.

Is this your company’s dream too?