Minna & Peppi


We met, became dear friends and studied solution-focused coaching together.

This path opened up our dream to build our mutual  company, Sinako, born from the desire to help people find themselves and strengthen their wellbeing, through the power of coaching. We help businesses thrive by supporting the wellbeing of teams. By developing and strengthening interaction skills, harnessing resilience and discovering how to turn values into actions. We soon discovered that adding creative aspects into the process, was key to lasting change, impact and developing flexibility within the human mind.

That is why we based our coaching on creativity.

And  so, interaction-art was born

The art which we make every second with ourselves, the world and others, by interacting.

This art plays a major role in the well-being of teams, which is why artistic means became our most imporant tool, in addition to art itself.

We want to bring interaction-art to nursing homes as joy and energy for the elderly and as a tool to help young people build strength and belief in themselves and their future.

Our coaching is for everyone, including you.

Minna Pietarinen

Why Minna and interaction-art?

Already as a pre-schooler, making art and writing became a non-concious channel for a sensitive and shy girl to unravel her internal world.

Poems, stories and art of life began to emerge.

Life gave her 8 children, of which three small angels built a bridge to the universe.

Sadness, grief and sorrow and big lifechanges, breaking away from the religious community she had been brought up in, whilst going through divorce, led her to paint open her own blind alley into freedom. Painting her own authentic life, understanding that creativity is a force for human survival and that this ability kan be developed. The human mind os so so flexible and agile.

Many exhibitions were born from true stories, mirrors were born in which people could easily identify and find their lost self, get peer support for their feelings and experiences.

A desire was born to help others to find this freedom to live, through art in nursing homes, with relatives of those who suffer from addiction, the long-term unemployed, young people and children.

A desire was born to study a profession from this natural strength, to become a solution-focused coach and bring all this joy and strength of the freedom of being human, to the workplace, so that teams can enjoy well-being and companies can succeed.

So that we as humans can be well and be good to each other.

Logoart Art-therapy director 
Interior Designer
Solution-focused coach

Peppi Stünkel

Why Peppi and interaction-art?

Curiosity drew her to the world at a young age, where the need for interacion broke most language barriers.

A year in London led to a trip around the world and then back to the UK. Studies that started with European Media and later Communication Design, gave the opportunity to delve into the world of grafics, photography and the moving image.

An unexpected career emerged at a video games giant within the a growing industry. The best part of the job was travelling and training teams all over the world.

The thirst for adventure and away from corporate life led her first on a solo bicycle ride across Asia and then to Cambodia to help build an educational NGO. The journey continued through Africa and Argentina to Brazil to kitesurf and work as an instructor wihin this beloved sport.

As they journey continued to Mexico, it stopped there for nearly a decade. First to set up a kitesurfing school and later protecting endangered sea turtles. Creativity and interaction skills led to some very interesting environmental protection projects. 

Returning to Finland after over two decades, brought completely new opportunities. Building a global start-up community, sales, marketing and new studies.

Meaningful work returned in the form of solution-focused coaching.

With Minna we painted new shades of coaching and ineraction-art was born. 

As was a new relationship with art and the undertanding of its power, even without being an artist. To add to many languages, began the learning process of the most magical one of all, a non-verbal one, as a new channel to express thoughts and feelings, connected to the subconcious. 

A new colour to the constantly growing palette of coaching-methods.

Solution-focused coach
Bachelor of Arts Hons Communication Design
BTEC European Media Studies