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Minna Pietarinen

Why Minna and interaction-art?

Already as a child, drawing and writing became an unconscious channel to unravel the innermost side of a sensitive and shy girl.

Poems and art of life began to emerge.

Life gave her 8 children, 5 of whom were allowed to live, and three who as little angels built a bridge to the universe.

Grief, sadness and big life changes, breaking away from the religious community that was the basis of her childhood growth while going through a divorce at the same time, led her to paint her own dead ends into freedom.  They led her to study art, which led to art therapy and from that to art therapy studies, opening up an understanding of the deepest meaning of art in humanity, the freedom it brings to live by channeling emotions into colors, by breaking, building and writing.

Painting a life of her own, realizing that creativity is a human power to survive and that you can develop that ability yourself. The human mind is very flexible and stretchable.

Here you can watch YLE’s Cinderella stories from Minna.

Many exhibitions were born, mirrors were created from true stories, which made it easy for others to identify with and find their lost self, and get peer support for their feelings and experiences.

A desire was born to help people find this freedom to live, through art in nursing homes, with loved ones of those struggling with substance abuse, among the long-term unemployed, youth and children.

The desire arose from an innate strength, to study and become a solution-oriented coach and to bring all this joy and power of the freedom to be human, to workplaces, so that teams could do better and companies would succeed.
So that we as humans could feel better and be good to each other.

Logoart art therapy instructor
Interior Designer
A solution-oriented coach

Peppi Stünkel

I love to help, inspire and motivate people to move forward in their lives, help them find answers  and get new insights. The most important thing for me is to have purpose in my work and being able to help my clients find  the right solution for themselves and a positive direction forward.

Together with Minna, we have developed a concept called “interaction art”, it is coaching where we by painting dive into your chosen subject, to process it on an entirely new level. It helps develop our interaction with ourselves and with others. When we paint our challenges visible, they become clearer and easier to understand. Then we can change them and take positive action.

I have 20+ yrs of  experience within the corporate world in the gaming industry (UK, Switzerland and Hong Kong), in NGO’s in the fields of education (Cambodia) and wildlife conservation (Mexico), and in sales and marketing management (global). I have brought a lot of lessons from all my experiences into my current  job. Of course, a lot of lessons have also come from traveling around the world, working in different cultures, through entrepreneurship, as well as my wonderful hobbies such as kitesurfing, skiing and running.

I would love to network with you!

Solution-oriented coach
Bachelor of Arts Hons Communication Design
BTEC European Media Studies

Here is an article written by the Finnish Embassy in Mexico about Peppi (Spanish & Finnish):

Uno en un millón: Peppi Stünkel sigue sus enseñanzas de vida


Mission, vision and values Our mission was born from a desire to help people through the power of coaching, to find answers, direction and strengthen their mental well-being. To help companies succeed by supporting the well-being of their teams. Strengthening their interaction skills, resilience and turning values into actions.  Art-coaching is applicable to any challenge you may have in your team – we would love to tell you more! We understood that increasing creativity is a great enabler of flexible development and change in the human mind. Interaction-art was born. We also want to bring the joy and life-force of interaction-art to care homes for the elderly, as well as empower young people to build faith in themselves and the future. Our empowering art exhibitions bring interaction-art to new spaces, new environments and involve people in creating deeper and more meaningful interaction with themselves and others through art. Our vision is to create hope and empathy in the world through interaction-art and coaching. Our values are empathy and hope – creatively and playfully.