Creative coaching

and art

Creative methods enable us to coach business teams on diverse subjects in completely new ways, which open up interesting perspectives and discussions. We use techniques from art therapy in our coaching, so thoughts, feelings and insights are what matters. Creativity increases creativity, it also accelerates problem-solving abilities and promotes well-being. Art is an empowering channel which develops interaction with oneself and others, to a whole new level. We call it interaction-art.

Creative methods are also excellently suitable for young people and the elderly, for whom we have developed artcoaching programs based on positive psychology.

We also offer art for companies, to visualize the company’s values ​​or vision. Business-art can be ordered in connection with coaching for employees or on its own. On canvas or directly on your office walls!

In our art shop you can find paintings, posters and postcards – or you can order made-to-measure art according to your own wishes. We also organize exhibitions where you are warmly welcome.

Sinako was born from the dream of these friends and with it a new concept to the world called interaction-art

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