Resilience creatively

Would you like to strengthen your team creatively?

The ability to adapt, evolve, and remain functional is imperative when situations and circumstances changes. Developing the ability to change also helps the team to bounce back. It improves the recovery from crises and the ability to turn adversity into beneficial learnings by facing emotions conciously. Through this coaching process, Minna and Peppi will open up a deeper understanding of the indiviudals own resilience through various creative tools. And through this awareness, the possibilities of its limitless potential for development.  The theme of the training can be any topic you wish, which we will deal with in a forward-looking way by painting our feelings on the subject. We call it interaction-art, because art enables a deeper and easier interaction about any subject. The art of interaction increases the feeling of security and through this opens up the confidence for everyone to dare to be their authentically feeling self. An empathetic person is empathetic towards himself and his team. Through this, your team grows stronger and the company, together with the teams, is on a steady journey towards success.

Duration: 3h

Group size: 5 – 20

Price: Starting at 1500e alv. 0e

Duration: 1-2 days

Group size: 5 – 20

Price: Starting at 2800e alv. 0e