Dare to be kind

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Name Dare to be kind
Artist Minna Pietarinen
Size 100 x 150 cm
Type Acrylic on canvas
Published 18/05/2022

To dare to be kind.
You have to dare to be really brave.
Dare to feel,
Feel everything.
To dare to be kind,
you have to dare to trust, trust yourself and then the world.
Then the awareness of one’s feelings brings the courage to just be, to just answer for oneself.
To just dare to be kind.
It’s not stupidity, it’s great wisdom to understand that everyone speaks only for themselves.
To understand to receive only what belongs to me and let the rest go.
To do it all with kindness.
Then there is peace.

To dare to be kind is to be open to the world, but the world is not completely open to kindness, there must be outlines, outlines in places. Also known as limits.


Minna Pietarinen


1 in stock