The power of trust

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Name The power of trust
Artist Minna Pietarinen
Size 160 x 110 cm
Type Acrylic on Canvas
Published 13/05/2022

The power of trust

The universe.


You trusted humans so much, more than anything else alive.

You trusted so much that you gave us your biggest task.

To us, to whom you gave reason but you said our own wisdom would be unable to use it for everything.

You gave man the task of understanding with our sanity, understanding to distinguish between the understandable and the incomprehensible.

The greatest task is to look up when facing the incomprehensible.

Where our own wisdom may humble from its own inability.

Where it is time for human life to begin,

time to end.

Where the greatest happiness and gratitude is born.

Where the greatest sorrow and suffering is born.

Quietly trusting.


You gave us the biggest task.

To trust.

The ability to trust in when our own reason can no longer find answers.


I dare say, without trust, we can not see tomorrow.

We can not see the dawn, the light, the courage awakening to the new day.


Minna Pietarinen


1 in stock