Team Coaching

Would you like to strengthen your team's creativity and focus on solutions while strengthening the team spirit?

Together with the whole team, we dive deep into any topic with creative tools.

If your team needs uplifting or new motivation, art-coaching is the perfect option. By painting together, we can deal with any subject creatively. With 2-3 hours of art-coaching, the team will reach a whole new level of interaction both with themselves and with their teammates. In addition, it will bring the team closer and together they will find new ideas and solutions. Creativity increases creativity and the courage to achieve even bigger goals.

At the end of the session everyone will be left with their own artwork, to serve as motivation as they evoke memories of their own dreams and hopes at their workstation or on the office wall.

Duration: 3h

Price: Starting at 1500e alv. 0e

Duration: 1-2 days

Price: Starting at 2800e alv. 0e